And So It Begins

I enjoy writing– I think people know that. It’s why my texts are always novels; why my resume is struggling to stay on one page; why my professors tell me to write three pages and I hand in five; why I HATE group projects because, frankly, I really dislike the way that others [fail to] compose their papers. (However, it is not why I work as a writing tutor because honestly all I do at the writing center is correct APA citations and rephrase the English language for struggling international students). Regardless, I love to write, and so here I am… blogging.

Sometimes I think that what I have to say is interesting. Sometimes I know it isn’t but I want to talk about it anyways. Sometimes things happen or I have awesome epiphanies and I just feel like I really need to take note of them. Sometimes I’m afraid that I’lI forget about my really important and meaningful thoughts and never remember to think them again. I feel like I’ll lose these thoughts forever, and that totally scares me for some reason! Is that weird? I imagine a blog being like a place where I can bottle up my interesting thoughts and keep them until the end of time– so I think that this will be a perfect way to document my life. Someday down the road I can open up this webpage and laugh at my younger self, just like I will do with my embarrassing elementary school (okay, maybe middle school…. and also high school… and college) diaries, which I already am rolling my eyes and blushing about.

I’m not completely sure what all of my posts here will be about, but that’s the way I like it. I’ve always enjoyed the feeling of not-needing-to-know. I don’t need to know, nor do I even WANT to know where I’ll be in the future. Too much commitment and too much stress. I just kind of want to go wherever life takes me… and so I just intend to take this blog wherever it goes! Going with the flow.

Tonight, this initial post has been an exceptional and much needed distraction from the long list of papers I should be writing and the bursting inbox of emails I should be responding to. Considering the fact that I have 32 assignments and tasks to complete in the remaining 29 days of my Senior semester however, I should probably get to it. Wish me luck.

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